11 Facts About Penguins You May Not Know (Antarctica’s Children):

Antarticas Children by Schim Schimmel The Earth’s southernmost continent’s most famous residents are flightless birds called penguins. Interestingly, not all penguins are found in Antarctica. One species can be found near the equator. Two species that live on Antarctica are the Emperor and Adélie penguins. Emperor penguins are the largest of them all standing at four feet high.  Adélie penguins are about half of that size. Since both Emperor and Adélie adult penguins are black and white, that means that these penguins found on this puzzle  are chicks. Penguins are very friendly creatures whose main predators are leopards, orcas and sharks. They are cryophilic, meaning that they are especially suited to breeding and thriving in extremely cold temperatures. An example is that the Emperor penguin breeds during the Antarctic winter when temperatures along the coast are sub-freezing.

During the summer months, people can take tours of Antarctica to see the penguins. But for those who cannot take a trip to visit these fascinating creatures, assembling this puzzle entitled Antarctica’s Children by Schim Schimmel is a great inexpensive [and warm] way to study them. You can find this and other Penguin jigsaw puzzles at A+ Puzzles, Etc.

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