America the Beautiful

America the BeautifulWhen I was a child, my family loved to travel. Half of Kindergarten and practically every summer after that, we would spend it in our car traveling all over the United States of America with a few side trips into Canada and Mexico. By the time I was 18, I had visited 40 states. This amazed my college friends [who had never traveled more than 5 states in their lives] especially when they would be studying for a geography test.  They would struggle to remember the details about each state, meanwhile I could rattle off these details including where each state was located on a map of the USA. I would always tell them that it was easy for me because I had been to so many of them. Thankfully, after they graduated and found employment that allowed them to travel, they caught the travel bug and visited as many states as I have.

This jigsaw puzzle entitled “America the Beautiful”, is a great visual aide for those who want [or need to remember it for a test!] to remember the names and locations of each of the 50 states [and District of Columbia] of the USA, plus their state symbols such as what the flags look like. Assembling it and other of our Map puzzles with your loved ones can help bring back fond memories of past trips, plan for a new trip or help you remember this information for when you need it.

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