Do You Have A Story About Strawberries On This Strawberry Morning?

Strawberry MorningBesides school ending for the year, one of the things that I enjoy about the month of June is the strawberry harvest. Strawberries are a very popular fruit around the world, having been first cultivated from wild strawberries in Brittany [in France] since the late 1700s.

I especially love freshly harvested strawberries. I remember when I was a child that I never liked strawberries. But then one day my mother bought some that were freshly harvested that morning at a farmers’ market. My father enjoyed eating them, and decided to offer some to me safe in the knowledge that I would do as I had always done and turn him down. Thus, he would be a good father by offering healthy fruit to me but also safe because he would still get half of the berries. But, suddenly, I changed my mind and tried them. I realized that freshly harvested strawberries are scrumptious and addictive and I wanted all my fair share! He couldn’t believe it! No extra berries for him that day! And I have loved freshly picked strawberries with a bit of sugar on them ever since.

As you and your loved ones assemble this 300 piece jigsaw puzzle, entitled “Strawberry Morning”, you can reminisce over your own favorite, funny childhood memories as well as get out a bowl of strawberries and have a great snack.

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