Do You Know the History of Spring Tulips?

Spring Tulips Marjolein BastinOne of the beautiful signs of spring occurs at the first bloom of Tulips. Tulips originated in Eurasia and Northern Africa from Portugal and Spain all the way to Eastern China. Although, they could be found as far north as southern Siberia, they aren’t documented as being in the Netherlands until 1594, where they are extremely popular.

Award winning Dutch artist Marjolein Bastin has beautifully recreated a Spring scene of Tulips in Spring. According to her website, she loves to paint nature scenes in order to “hold forever” the impression that nature had left on her. She uses her artwork to encourage people to “pause and enjoy nature” and thus, find peace and serenity in their lives.

Assembling this puzzle entitled “Spring Tulips” will doubly enable you and your loved ones to pause and find peace because not only would you be dwelling upon a peaceful scene, but also be able to take life at a slower pace and chat with each other. You can find it and other Spring jigsaw puzzles at A+ Puzzles, Etc.

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