Do You Know What a “Skater’s Moon” is?

Skaters MoonIn the United States, each full moon has a popular name to describe the month and season in which it occurs. One example, Hunter’s Moon, was written about in a previous blog. A sample of others are: wolf, snow, sap, seed, flower, strawberry, hay, corn, harvest, beaver and longest night’s moon. They are given these names because during these full moons, the moon rises when the sun sets. Thus, on these days, there is extra abundant light for outdoor activities.

While there is no official name of “Skater’s Moon” for any full moon that I could find, the principal would be the same – skaters and other winter lovers have a chance during this wintertime full moon to continue doing what they love.

While waiting for your own “Skater’s Moon” in which to go outside and enjoy winter activities at night, assembling this puzzle entitled Skater’s Moon would be a great for you and your loved ones to plan for that full moon. You can find this and other Winter Jigsaw Puzzles at A+ Puzzles, Etc.

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