Do You Know What “Light and Dark in Art” Is Called?

Thomas Kinkade always referred to himself as the painter of light. He could say this because he painted in what is known as a Chiaroscuro style. This style contrasts light with dark in significant ways to add body and volume to the scene. It also emphasizes a significant section of the painting that to which the painter wants to draw our attention. Thomas Kinkade Village LIghthouse

“The Village Lighthouse” by Thomas Kindade is a beautiful example of chiaroscuro. The horizon, waves, lights coming from the windows, foxglove and dogwood flowers and a heavenly light radiating on the houses and pathway add to the theme of the village lighthouse which lights the way of the ships at sea so that no one gets lost in the storm.

As you and your loved ones assemble this puzzle or our other Thomas Kinkade jigsaw puzzles, it would be a great opportunity to discuss the source of Light in your lives to help you all during stormy times of life.


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