Dog Jigsaw Puzzles with Typical Dog Activities!

A tennis ball, a dog, or how about 3 dogs, and spring temperatures: Dog jigsaw puzzles at their best!  If you know anything about dogs, you know they love chasing a tennis ball.  Imagine three dogs chasing the same tennis ball.  Now, the ball happens to land in a creek.  They catch up to the ball, and all three dogs look at that tennis ball with that dog look.  You know the look: that anxious, excited, “I want that ball!”, “How can I get to it?” look.  That is the picture in our featured jigsaw puzzle today!  All three dogs are looking at trying to get that tennis ball in the creek.  Then, you have the fish underneath wondering what’s happening.  “That’s too big to be food, I need to get out of here.”  Have fun putting this featured 1000-piece puzzle together.


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