Everything is Bigger in Texas!

TexasThose of us who grew up in the 1980s are probably humming the theme song to the TV show Dallas right now…. For me, the best part about that show was the theme song. I especially loved how the camera viewed the ranch high up in the air giving viewers an awareness of just how big that ranch really was. Well, if I thought that ranch was large, the state is even larger.

Texas is so large, that it would be very difficult to describe it in a blog so I’ll give a few examples to try to create a picture of how large life is in Texas. It is the second largest US State in size and in population. Alaska is the largest in size while California is largest in population. Three cities [Houston, San Antonia, Dallas] each have over a million residents. And in comparison to other cities in the USA, Houston is the fourth largest, San Antonio is the seventh and Dallas is the ninth. Texas is surrounded by four American states and four Mexican states. To drive from the western tip to the east would take 14.5 hours and Brownsville north would take 15.5 hours. According to Wikipedia, there are 10 climatic regions, 14 soil regions and 11 distinct ecological regions. There is a desert region, as well as hill country, plains, grassland, forests, prairie and coastland. Culturally speaking, the state is influenced by Southern culture, Western or frontier culture and  Southwestern or Mexican culture. There are an abundance of natural resources which has contributed to Texas’ booming economy. It also has a rather unique history in that 6 nations have ruled over Texas – Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States of America and the United States of America.

As you and your loved ones assemble this map jigsaw puzzle entitled “Welcome to Texas“, it would be a great time to do more research about one of many topics relating to Texas. You can find this puzzle on our website.

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