Get Ready for the Grass-Cutting Season with John Deere Jigsaw Puzzles!

John Deere jigsaw puzzles feature the famous John Deere tractor in each of the puzzles! As the temperatures rise and we see now that spring is finally here, many of us will see the famous John Deere Tractor out to work again.  You know . . ., that famous green tractor with the yellow trim.  If you don’t have one, you probably know someone who does.  It comes in all different sizes for the various jobs.  Whether it’s for cutting the grass, tilling the land, or just moving dirt, soil, rocks, or brush from one place to another, the John Deere tractors will all be out to work again this year.  This durable tractor is featured in each of our John Deere jigsaw puzzles.  In fact, there is one jigsaw puzzle called “Little Deeres” that has a little boy on a toy riding tractor.  Most of our John Deere jigsaw puzzles are 1000 piece puzzles, but for the kids there are also 60 piece puzzles, and a 34 piece shaped jigsaw puzzle.  And you guessed it, the shaped jigsaw puzzle is a John Deere tractor.  Today’s featured puzzle is one of our John Deere jigsaw puzzles called “John Deere Barn Raising”.John Deere Barn Raising 

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