Hummingbirds are Excited about Flower Jigsaw Puzzles!

So, why are the hummingbirds so excited about flower jigsaw puzzles?  Well, it’s the color, you see. Or should we say, it’s the color they see, because hummingbirds are actually attracted to the bright colors in the flowers, not actually the smell.  So with flower jigsaw puzzles, hummingbirds could be attracted to the colors of the flowers.  (Of course, they probably know that they’re not real flowers in the jigsaw puzzles.)  The flowers that attract hummingbirds usually do not have much smell, because the energy of the flower goes toward the nectar for the hummingbirds instead of the smell.  Today’s featured jigsaw puzzle is called “Summer Hummer” which depicts two hummingbirds attracted to two bright red flowers.  This jigsaw puzzle is in our collection of flower jigsaw puzzles.Summer Hummer

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