If You Say “Foxglove Cottage”, What Comes to Mind?

Thomas Kinkade Foxglove CottageSay the word “Cottage” and what comes to mind? Would be “quaint and romantic”? If so, then you and artist Thomas Kinkade would be in agreement. Let’s look at what Wikipedia says about cottages.

First, they are usually considered a small, simple house, which is old-fashioned in style. They were originally the four room homes used by farmers or peasants of small plots of land but by the 1800s, had become small houses or habitation without land. And originally, they were created with thatched roofs, which to modern society gives these older styles of cottages a romantic aura.

In North America, on the other hand, cottages connote “summer vacation” rather than a small home for workers. Usually, they are found near a lake or beach and can be larger than only 4 rooms. The best known example of this is in eastern Canada. With so many small lakes in places like Ontario, thousands of summer tourists love to go stay in “cottages” along the lakes.

This jigsaw puzzle, entitled “Foxglove Cottage” by Thomas Kindade is a beautiful example of a quaint pre-modern version of an English Cottage but one that is also perfect for vacationing along side of a serene lake. You and your loved ones can assemble it andĀ  otherĀ nature, landscape and ocean puzzles this spring as you plan your summer vacation.

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