Look at This Big, Beautiful Bird!!

The Big BoyIf you’ve ever heard the cry of a peacock, you know that you can’t forget it. I was in a hotel once in San Antonio that had peafowl in its courtyard. One night, I heard the piercing sound of what I thought was a child crying out in distress. After my heart starting beating again, I investigated this sound. It turns out it was the peacocks calling out to the peahens in the courtyard.

Thankfully, peafowl are known for more uplifting things such as their absolutely beautiful plumage. According to Wikipedia, there are three species of peafowl, two from the Indian subcontinent and one from Africa. In all three species, the males have feathers that are either deep blue or green with iridescent glows and a long “train” that expands to show the beautiful plumage that you see here on this jigsaw puzzle entitled “The Big Boy”.

Because of their beautiful colors, in ancient times, peafowl were seen as a symbol of royalty. They are the national bird of India and of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is also a symbol of immortality, especially in Eastern Christianity, during the Easter season.

With a large number of “eyes” on its feathers, this puzzle will create a great opportunity for you and your loved ones to study the other fascinating characteristics of this marvelous bird. You can find it and otherĀ Bird Puzzles at A+ Puzzles, Etc.

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