Man’s Best Friend Gets the Job Done

The amazing story of  a dog named “Sergeant Beaubien” is beautifully introduced in John Buxton’s historical painting entitled “Sergeant Beaubien: Rogers Rangers”. In this scene, we see the loyal Sergeant standing at attention next to William Stark, who was a member of Roger’s Rangers. Roger’s Rangers was founded by Robert Rogers at the beginning of the French and Indian War (1753 – 1763). The Rangers are considered the predecessor to the U. S. Army Rangers.

The scene in this Sergeant Beaubien jigsaw puzzle depicts Ranger Lieutenants briefing new cadets as they overlook Lake George in 1756. According to John Buxton at Buxton Art, “At one point throughout Sergeant Beaubientheir history, Stark entered the wolf/dog into the official Ranger muster roll to draw a Sergeant’s rations and pay. It has been said that Sergeant Beaubien dispatched his share of the enemy and was well deserving of his pay.” Obviously, William Stark considers Sergeant Beaubien as a great example of man’s best friend getting the job done.

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