Map Of The World

The World RavensburgerI grew up traveling. I saw more of this world before I was out of grade school than most see in a lifetime. It created within me a sense of adventure that is a part of me even after decades of living. Thus, when I see this puzzle entitled “The World”, I find my sense of adventure rekindled. I look at this map of the world and start to drool, asking myself “I wonder what life is likeĀ in that town, in that country and in that region?” And then when I see that it is a 2,000 piece puzzle, I just know that this would be an adventure to assemble!

You and your loved ones can also use this puzzle to help explore your world, or even practice your map skills whenever you assemble this puzzle by Ravensburger. You can find it and other Map jigsaw puzzles at A+ Puzzles, Etc.


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