Meet our Mascot!!

You’ve probably heard of the saying “You are what you eat!” 
Well, you could also say “You are what you think!” and “You are what you do!”, too.

Speaking of which, we’d like to introduce you to our mascot!!  Do you think you can guess what our mascot thinks about and what he does?  You’re right!!!  He thinks about jigsaw puzzles, AND every chance that he gets, he loves to put jigsaw puzzles together.  No matter what the type or size of the jigsaw puzzle is, he loves them all.  He just wants high quality, A+ products and service which is always in the name of A+ Puzzles Etc.  Sometimes, he just likes to see how fast he can put one of their 3000 piece jigsaw puzzles together, or sometimes, he likes to see how many 100 piece mini puzzles he can put together in  1 hour.

JIGZY (the A+ Puzzles, Etc. Mascot)

So . . .

HERE HE IS . . .

the A+ Puzzles, Etc. Mascot:



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