Puzzles Artist History: How much do you know about Thomas Kinkade?

We have a few interesting facts for you about Thomas Kinkade whose art is depicted in our Thomas Kinkade puzzles.  Do you know when Thomas Kindade began an interest in art?  Well, he was only six years old.  And, by the time he was sixteen, he was a notable artist.  He was born near the Sierra Mountains in Placerville, California which has had a major influence on him as many of the Thomas Kinkade puzzles display mountainous regions.  Thomas Kinkade is married to Nannette and they have four daughters.  If you look closely, Thomas Kinkade has the letter N included in many of his works, as well as some of his daughters names.  His art is enjoyed by many, and is depicted in many forms other than the original art paintings.  From little knick knacks to stationary, and from printed calendars to puzzles, there are many places to find his art to give and enjoy, and of course, don’t forget the Thomas Kinkade puzzles where you can enjoy his art hands on.

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