Ships Ahoy from Ireland!

This colorful picture looks like a simple, bucolic seaside town, but dig deeper, and you’ll see that this pretty scene holds a lot of significance in the history of Ireland and even the United States.

This is St. Colman’s in Cobh, Ireland in County Cork. This church is the second tallest church in Ireland. Its construction was completed about 100 years ago. The town where it is located was once called Queenstown from 1849 to 1920. It was so named in honor of a visit to the town by Queen Victoria.

This area has natural protection of its harbor which means that cruise ships, naval ships and other large ships can dock easily. According to Wikipedia, it was the point of departure for 2.5 million [out of a total of 6 million from 1848 – 1950] Irish who immigrated to the United States. It was here that the Titanic was docked before it left for its fateful journey across the north Atlantic in 1912. It was the major port of departure for convicts from the British Isles to the penal colony in Australia. And it was a naval base for the Allies during World War I.

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