Some Unique Jigsaw Puzzles to Celebrate National Puzzle Day!

With 3 days to go until National Puzzle Day, we have some very unique jigsaw puzzles that we would like to feature today.  Introducing jigsaw puzzles made by Ceaco called The Baffler by Chris Yates.  These jigsaw puzzles can be “baffling” because there are no overlapping images, and the pieces have unique shapes.  Spiral of Archimedes

The Baffler jigsaw puzzle shown here is called Spiral of Archimedes.  You can see here that each piece has a separate color that does not connect to a similar color, so where do you start?  Although, these jigsaw puzzles are less than 100 pieces, they can still be difficult and give you hours of fun.  So, if you’re up for the challenge, or you think that this puzzle doesn’t look that difficult, we dare you to try one of these unique jigsaw puzzles.

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