Sound of Soul Strings

Are you a lover of Picasso’s Cubism?Sound of Soul Strings Marcella Hayes Muhammad Or African – American art? Or music? If you love one or more of those types of art, then you will love this puzzle entitled Sound of Soul Strings and all of artist Marcella Hayes Muhammad’s work.

She says on her website []that she was influenced by Pablo Picasso’s Cubism which shows the linear influence of light on objects. She decided to model her own style of art after his, calling it “Plastic Space”. It is a “form of  abstraction that explores the curvature of light around objects.”

Assembling this gorgeous example of abstract art can be inspiring for those who love art and love music. As the piano keys swirl around the stringed instrument, it can remind a musician of how beautiful music swirls around a person engulfing the listener and player in the music. As you and your loved ones assemble it, listening to a beautiful violin concerto would be a perfect way to relax and renew. You can find it and other SunsOut jigsaw puzzles at A+ Puzzles, Etc.

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