Summer Fun at the Beach!

The BeachOn the East Coast of the USA, where I live, a top destination for summer vacation is the beach. Since the beach is only about 4 hours away, many people love to take off for a weekend if not a full week at the beach. Those that go, love sitting and doing nothing for days on end, enjoying the warm weather and being able to play at the beach or in the water.

While I am not a beach goer, I do have fond memories of going to the beach with my cousins. There was that one time where, unfortunately, my long hair must have collected all the sand in the ocean because when we were done with our day at the beach, it took me forever to get the sand out of my hair while my cousins with crewcuts had to wait impatiently for me and for their dinner.

What fond memories do you have from visits to the beach? Or maybe you never made it yet to the beach but it is on you “bucket” list? As you and your loved ones assemble this Cartoon jigsaw puzzle entitled “Crowd Pleasers: The Beach“, it would be a great time to share memories as well as dreams about vacationing at the beach.

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