Think You Are Good at Solving Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles?

There are a number of different ways that a jigsaw puzzle manufacturer can make difficult jigsaw puzzles.  For those of you who love a challenge, we have some difficult jigsaw puzzles that have up to 18,000 pieces. Try this 18,000 piece jigsaw puzzle made by Ravensburger.Tropical Impressions

But first, make sure you prepare a space for this jigsaw puzzle of over 9 feet by 6 feet.  Plan to have hours of fun and make it a family activity as you put these difficult jigsaw puzzles together.  Other than piece count, another way to have a difficult jigsaw puzzle is to have odd shaped pieces that are not interlocking.  These are pieces that do not have the traditional interlocking tabs, but may just have curved edges.  Add these to a shaped jigsaw puzzle which already does not have a traditional rectangular shape, and you could be asking yourself, “Hmmm. . . Is that piece on the edge of a shaped jigsaw puzzle, or does it just go next to some other piece?”  One more type of difficult jigsaw puzzles to try is a mosaic, which has individual pictures that make up the complete jigsaw puzzle picture.  So, test your skills. See how good you actually are at completing these difficult jigsaw puzzles.

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