Uh Oh! Watch Who Helps You With Your Jigsaw Puzzles!

Don’t just ask anyone to help you with your jigsaw puzzles.  Today’s featured puzzle shows an example of whom you might not want to get in on the action of helping with jigsaw puzzles.  What a mess!Puzzler's Helpers

With cats jumping and playing with the puzzle pieces, and dogs chewing on the jigsaw puzzle pieces, there’s a real mess depicted in this jigsaw puzzle.  This title of this puzzle is “appropriately” named as Puzzler’s Helpers, although you probably don’t want these types of helpers putting your jigsaw puzzles together.  You’ll have a mess on your hands; you’ll end up losing jigsaw puzzle pieces, and have a lot of cleanup to do for your jigsaw puzzles.  Dogs will be dogs, and cats will be cats, but at least this is just a picture.  Enjoy this and many other jigsaw puzzles this week.  (And remember, there are only 4 more days to National Jigsaw Puzzles Day!)

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