What Are These 3 Bears Doing In This #JigsawPuzzle? Watch the Bear Tracks!

Bear Tracks Dan ChristIn North America, after their winter hibernation of three to eight months, black bears wake up hungry and ready for their meals. Black bears are omnivores, meaning that they can receive nutrition through a combination of animal and plant sources.

They are known for their extremely protective mothers. In this picture by Daniel Christ entitled “Bear Tracks”, the artist has beautifully depicted a mother and her cubs in their comfortable forest domain searching for food. The mother is busy and purposeful in her pursuit. But her cubs had better learn to follow her lead quickly other wise they will let their curiosity about their world prevent them from getting out of the way of the oncoming train. What do you think will happen to the cubs?

As you and your loved ones assemble this puzzle, that would be an interesting discussion to have. You can find it and other Bear jigsaw puzzles at A+ Puzzles, Etc.

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