What Do You Think of Spring at the Covered Bridge?

Covered Bridge in SpringBesides painting a beautiful scene of a covered bridge in the fall [mentioned in the blog post from 21 November 2016], South Korean artist Sung Kim has painted another lovely scene of a bridge in the spring.

According to the Christian Daniels Gallery website biography of the artist, Sung Kim has a varied style ranging from realistic to abstract. What they have in common is that most are all based on photographs that he took and his attempts to recreate his memories of that moment in time. In this spring jigsaw puzzle entitled “A Covered Bridge in Spring”, the artist has given the scene a sense of light that many people think of when they think of spring as the days get longer.

As you and your loved ones assemble this puzzle, you can reminisce about your fondest memories of spring and which ones you would paint, if you could.

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