What Do You Think When You Hear Venice, Italy? (Bon Voyage: Venice, Italy)

Venice ItalyWhen one thinks of Venice, Italy, what usually comes to mind? A food connoisseur might say tiramisu, or an historian would associate it with Marco Polo, but everyone else would say the “Grand Canal” that winds in an S formation through the Italian city of Venice.  This picture is an example of one of the smaller canals in this watery city in northeastern Italy which has the nickname of the City of Canals.

Venice consists of over 100 islands that are connected by bridges and canals. Houses are built upon wooden piles that are several hundred years old.  Due to some problems with the natural surroundings,  the homes are sinking and some lower ground levels of different homes are under water. It has a wealthy, influential past. It was a center of commerce, music and art during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Since the 1400s, it has had a slow, steady decline but it is still a popular visitor destination.

For engineers, Venice would be a fascinating destination to explore. All those urban challenges of how to prevent the buildings from sinking and how to stabilize the waterway so that the city is not flooded. For historians, this would be a beautiful city to visit; imagine in one’s mind all the lords and ladies on their gondolas during the Renaissance. And for musicians, the chance to visit Vivaldi’s birthplace would be a feast for the eyes. While you are planning your visit to Venice to visit all these places, you and your loved ones can dream aloud as you assemble this puzzle entitled Bon Voyage: Venice, Italy. You can find it and other Ceaco Jigsaw Puzzles at A+ Puzzles, Etc.

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