What European country has the largest city by population, the best coffee and “delightful” desserts?

Bon Voyage TurkeyIf you said Turkey, you’d be correct! Another interesting tidbit of information about its largest city is that it is located on two continents – Europe and Asia. According to Wikipedia, two-thirds of the population of Istanbul live in Europe. The second largest city in Europe is in another country that is located in two continents – Moscow, Russia.

Turkish cuisine has some well-known favorites known around the world. The chief of which is their coffee. It is made from very finely ground coffee which is boiled with sugar and cardamom [I could go for a cup right now…yum]. A dessert commonly served with coffee is Turkish Delight. If you are a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, you’ll recall that it was Edmund Pevensie’s favorite dessert and the means by which the White Witch led him astray. Turkish Delight is a dessert made out of sugar, gelatin, water, juice and nuts. Another popular dessert is Baklava. It is made from layers of filo dough, honey and nuts. A perfect beverage to accompany it is lemonade because of how the tartness contrasts with the sweet honey taste. Turks also love to drink strong Turkish tea which is a great accompaniment with kurabiyes, a sweet cookie. Thanks to a childhood friend, I grew up eating kurabiyes. Hmm… I think I’ll go find that recipe from her Turkish mother and make some strong tea […or coffee]. Or lemonade and some baklava…or maybe go wild and eat all these desserts! As I look at the scene in this jigsaw puzzle entitled “Bon Voyage Travel Photos: Turkey“, I can imagine myself walking throughout this market place, searching for some tasty desserts and beverages.

For you and your loved ones, researching, preparing and eating some Turkish cuisine while assembling this puzzle would be a fun experience. You can find it and other Ceaco jigsaw puzzles at our website.

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