Wild Horses and Wild Waves: Can You Tell the Difference?

Wild HorsesHorses are gallant, powerful creatures especially in their untamed state such as what they are depicted in this beautiful painting by Jim Warren.

Jim is a self-taught artist from California who is considered a “living legend”. Since the 1990s, he has painted environmental themes. Before that, he was known more for his vinyl album art for Bob Segar and Prince. He also has collaborated with Disney to create other artistic masterpieces. According to Jim’s webpage, the artist loves to inspire others with his paintings. It is easy to see why people would be inspired to care for their world and its creatures better with such a painting to admire. The power of the horses as they run freely onto land can remind people to view life as an adventure to be lived.

As you and your loved ones assemble this horse jigsaw puzzle, you can discuss what you like about horses or how to inspire others in your world.


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