A Hunter’s Delight

Jim Hansel Forest CollageMaybe you are someone who enjoys nature and wild animals, but when I look at this jigsaw puzzle what I see is a scene that hunters love. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I know that the highlight for many of us is Deer Hunting Season. I remember one person who was quoted in the newspaper as saying “Hunting season is better than Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break all rolled into one.” He loved bonding with his father and friends in the cabin and field, plus the time off from school after Thanksgiving was added fun as well.

This picture here by celebrated wildlife artist Jim Hansel is a beautiful testament to the grandeur of the forest in Autumn. There are white-tailed deer, elk, turkeys, ducks and bear. You and your loved ones can bond together as you bond over assembling this Autumn jigsaw puzzle. It would be a great way to derive some of the benefits of hunting but at any place and time of the year.

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