Dogs Spending the Summer on the Porch

Summer on the PorchSummer is a great time for the dogs and other animals of the neighborhood to explore their area. This summer, I have seen all the dogs of my growing neighborhood roaming past my house [with their human friends].

One of them, Daisy, loves to watch the new houses being built. She is utterly fascinated by all the trucks and builders making noise. She wants to do a good job of protecting her territory. And then there is Drew’s little terrier, Jack. Jack loves to go for a walk with Daisy so that they can explore their area together. Jack also loves to investigate the deer in the neighborhood. Except the deer don’t appreciate this and will stomp their feet to try to intimidate Jack. Both Jack and the deer don’t realize that the other can see right through their acts of bravado.  Meanwhile, Samson and Dante down the street love to smother strange, new humans [who are innocently strolling the neighborhood] with their exorbitant love that their human “friend” has to do all that she can to hold them back.

The animals, especially the large dog, in this dog jigsaw puzzle look like they are waiting for you and your loved ones so that they, too, can shower you with all of their love. As you assemble this puzzle entitled “Summer on the Porch” it would be a great time to discuss the antics of your neighborhood dogs, your own dogs, or maybe previously owned dogs of yours.

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