Dreamin’ of Toys

Shopping for ToysSeveral of my friends have been mourning the closing of the chain stores called Toys ‘R Us. It was famous for its large selection of toys to choose from. Certainly, there are chain stores which have a large selection of toys from choose from as well. But it seems to me that the best place for a child to have a great time with toys is at a local toy store.

There are a few of them near me. These are places where they not only have unique toys, etc, but also creative experiences right there in the store which most children would not normally have. One place I know will have birthday parties, family reunions and a pottery studio and creative toys. As I look at this jigsaw puzzle, this kind of toy store is what comes to mind. Artist Tricia Reilly-Matthews beautifully takes us back to a simple time where children could find fun toys that let their imaginations have fun.

As you and your loved ones assemble this Sunsout jigsaw puzzle entitled “Shopping for Toys“, it would be a great time to discuss what your favorite toys were when you were a child.

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