Front Row Seats for the Summer Holidays

Front Row Seats by Tom WoodYesterday, as I was walking along the sidewalk so that I could see the Memorial Day Parade, I got to see how the spectators were trying to get the best view possible of the parade. Some had chairs and were sitting in the streets [that’s the best place to get candy, by the way], some were seated in a elevated spot on their porches and some young children were held in their family members’ arms.

As I watched them, I had flashbacks to other times in which I was blessed to be able to have a front row seat to watch either a Memorial Day Parade or Fourth of July Fireworks. When I was in High School, I was in the Marching Band and so was involved from beginning to end with the festivities whether it was the Memorial Day Parade or the Fourth of July Parade. That was always fun for me. And to this day, neither holiday is sufficiently celebrated unless I get to hear a marching band.

And for the July 4th fireworks, I always had a great view of the fireworks because I either grew up in a small town or lived in one as an adult. As a child, I would cross the street to where the cemetery was located, and sit on one of the tombstones enjoying the sights. One year, my cousin came for a visit around that time and thought it was so cool that we could do that. She came from a big suburb and had never seen fireworks in her local community.

And then as an adult, I moved to a different small town where I lived for 7 years. I was blessed to be able to see the local fireworks from my front porch. So for each summer, my family would come for a visit on July 4th so that we could sit on my front porch, eat ice cream and watch the fire works. This year though, I am in a new community. I will have to investigate where I can find the closest “front seat” experience so that I can enjoy the Fourth of July Fireworks.

For you and your loved ones this summer holiday season, assembling one of our Patriotic jigsaw puzzles such as this one entitled “Front Row Seats” by Tom Wood would a be a great time to discuss your memories of the times in which you had front row seats for parades or fireworks.

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