Hunter’s Moon

Hunter's Moon The Spoils Wolves

Harvest Moon and Hunter’s Moon are the names given to fall months in the Northern Hemisphere. The actual day of a “harvest moon” or “hunter’s moon” occurs on the day in which the full moon occurs. These are the two days in fall in which farmers and hunters can have extra light at night to bring in either their harvest or their spoils from hunting. A hunter’s moon occurs in October.

In this picture, which is the last of a series of 4 paintings by Michael Sieve, the hunters are wolves. They have gathered, hunted, killed their prey by the light of the Hunter’s Moon and now with day break they can move on to their next activity after enjoying their spoils. You can find this “Hunter’s Moon” jigsaw puzzle and more SunsOut Jigsaw Puzzles at A+ Puzzles, Etc.

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