In Meeting Creek, Canada, Why Is There an Advertisement for Alberta Pool?

Alberta PoolWhen I first saw this puzzle, I saw the advertisement for Alberta Pool and wondered what the story was behind that title. Something told me that it had nothing to do with a swimming pool. I was correct. According to Wikipedia, wheat pools were Canadian farmer owned co-operatives that bought grain from farmers. In other words, the farmers “pooled their wheat” together to get the best price for their product. The height of their influence was during the 1920s.

Meeting Creek, Alberta, Canada today is a tiny hamlet in central Alberta, between the major cities of Edmonton and Calgary. Thus, even though it has a population of only twenty people, it is near the major Edmonton – Calgary Corridor which is the most populous region of Alberta. Agriculture is the major industry in this section of the Canadian Prairies.

While this picture is not as artistic as some of the puzzles that we have, it does give a glimpse into an interesting part of western Canada’s history. You can find this puzzle entitled Meeting Creek and other Train jigsaw puzzles at A+ Plus Puzzles, etc.

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