Is there something hidden in Thomas Kinkade puzzles?

Did you know that Thomas Kinkade puzzles have hidden N’s in the picture?  Well, it’s true.  Thomas Kinkade hides the letter N in his famous paintings of “light”.  The N is for the first letter of his wife’s name, Nanette.  You can find the letter N on rocks, in the trees, in the sky, on a mailbox, or maybe on the roof.  Look carefully as you put your Thomas Kinkade jigsaw puzzle together, because you may find some of these hidden “N”s along the way.  Not only that, but he actually indicates just how many N’s he has hidden in the painting near his signature.  So, the next time you are putting a Thomas Kinkade puzzle together, don’t forget to see if you can find all the hidden N’s as well.

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