Look What We Found?: Garden Shed Seedlings

Garden Shed Seedlings SunsoutBesides Baseball’s opening season, warmer weather and flowers on the plants and trees, something that many people look forward to each spring is working in the garden.

Imagine that first day of gardening, when you enter your garage and discover that over the winter and early spring, a young family of song birds have taken up space where your seeds, pots and trowel are located. As you see the mother feeding and singing to her chicks, what should you do? Should you move the chicks so that you can start planting right away or do you let them enjoy their new home and go to the store for new supplies?

This spring as you and your loved ones wait for the weather to warm up or at the end of a fun day of gardening, you can assemble a great puzzle like this one by Carol Decker entitled “Garden Shed Seedlings” or other bird jigsaw puzzles, and discuss what you would do if you found a family of songbirds in your garden materials.


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