Nothing says Thanksgiving Like Turkeys and Pumpkins

Gobbler Farms Dona GelsingserArtist Dona Gelsingser has created a great visual representation for us of what most North Americans love to have on their Thanksgiving Table. Both are native to North America so it would make sense that they would be the hallmark of a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner. The only thing missing in this picture is the cranberry dish.

Turkey has a special place in American history and in Benjamin Franklin’s heart. According to Wikipedia, American Statesman Ben Franklin considered the turkey a better choice for the national bird of the new nation. The turkey is also special for Native Americans. It was used for food and used in their traditional ceremonies.

Something interesting is that of the six subspecies of wild turkey, the one that most of the United States and Canada eats for Thanksgiving is a domesticated subspecies from Mexico.

As you and your loved ones wake up from your Thanksgiving Day nap, you can assemble this Autumn jigsaw puzzle entitled Gobbler Farms and have more pumpkin pie or turkey leftovers. It would be a great time to also discuss what things you are all thankful for this year.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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