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Hope Diamond: Curator’s Desk

The Hope Diamond is a legendary diamond created in the 1660s for King Louis XIV with a weight of over 45 carats. According to the  Encyclopedia Smithsonian, it was once called “French Blue” for its violet color. It has a … Continue reading

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Jigzy wants to tell us all about National Puzzle Day!

Jigzy says:  “IT’S COMING!! : January 29th is National Puzzle Day where we can celebrate with jigsaw puzzles all day AND during the whole week leading up to National Puzzle Day!” Just like Jig zy, let’s all spend some time … Continue reading

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Wolves in Native American Jigsaw Puzzles!

Why is it that the wolf is typically used in Native American Art?  Most people think that the wolf is a very aggressive animal, but the fact is that they are very sociable and loving.  Even coming against other territorial packs, they generally communicate much … Continue reading

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Is there something hidden in Thomas Kinkade puzzles?

Did you know that Thomas Kinkade puzzles have hidden N’s in the picture?  Well, it’s true.  Thomas Kinkade hides the letter N in his famous paintings of “light”.  The N is for the first letter of his wife’s name, Nanette.  You can find the letter … Continue reading

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