Take the ‘L’ Train

One of Chicago’s distinctive features is its ‘L’ Train, which is the nickname for its Rapid Transit System. ‘L’ stands for Elevated, although parts of this transit system are subway tunnels, at grade level, or open cut. Chicago Nights L TrainAccording to Wikipedia, it is one of the “Seven Wonders of Chicago.” It began service in 1892 and today carries 767,730 riders a day. Besides being a fast, easy way to get to work, riding the ‘L’ is also a wonderful way for a visitor to tour the City. Because passengers are elevated above the city streets, it gives them an interesting view of the scenery, especially of Lake Michigan. This picture from our Chicago Nights Jigsaw Puzzle is a fine example of the view that passengers have as they travel along near Lake Shore Drive with skyscrapers on one side and the Lake on the other side.

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