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InConstitution the United States, I think all of us can recall the birthdate of the nation [4 July 1776]. It is the day in which the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. But not many can say the same about the Constitution.

After the end of the Revolutionary War or American War of Independence in 1783, the national government of the USA governed based upon a document called “The Articles of Confederation.” It didn’t give the federal government much power nor the ability to raise much money. Finally in the winter of 1787, Congress met to discuss revisions which later on became a draft of a new constitution all together. The first draft began to be written on 25 May 1787. Less than 4 months later on 17 September, the final draft was signed and ratified by the delegates. While the delegates to the convention had ratified it, it couldn’t become the new law of the land until all of the states’ assemblies had ratified it. The first state, Delaware, ratified it on 7 December 1787 and the 13th state, Rhode Island, ratified it on 29 May 1790 a little over 3 years after the first draft was written. When the 9th state, New Hampshire, ratified it on 21 June 1788, it was the last state needed to cause it to become the official Constitution of the United States of  America. It has been continuously in force the last 230 years, making it the oldest written constitution still in power in the world.

For our jigsaw puzzle today, entitled “The Constitution“, the artist decided to also include a scene from Joe Rosenthal’s iconic WWII picture featuring the raising of the US flag at Iwo Jima by 6 Marines during the Battle of Iwo Jima in February 1945. By putting both strong patriotic symbols together into one scene, it gives a sense of how Americans have fought for liberty for centuries.

As you and your loved ones assemble this patriotic jigsaw puzzle, it would be a great time to research and discuss more about Iwo Jima and the Constitution [especially read the Federalist Papers]. They are both significant periods of American History.

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