What are these Bear Cubs Doing? See How They Are Taking Delight in Summer

Summer DelightsIn this tranquil summer scene, we see three playful bear cubs who are out having fun playing alongside a creek. The way they are staring forward at the artist, it is as if they are wondering if he will be joining them soon. The artist is Kevin Keathly, someone who has been an avid artist for most of his life. According to his website, he wants his paintings to “inspire people to be still, to listen to that quiet voice, and then rise up assured that they are a part of something bigger than their schedule.” The lush greenery with the babbling brook and soft light shining down certainly gives one a sense of time moving at a slower pace.

As you and your loved ones assemble this nature jigsaw puzzle entitled “Summer Delights”, it would be a great time to discuss what scenes in nature give you a sense of serenity.

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