What are Your Yuletide Traditions?

Country ChristmasAccording to the Thomas Kinkade website, one of the treasured childhood memories of Thomas and his sibling was going out each Christmas with their small hatchet to find a tree to grace their living room. This picture was created as a fond tribute to that memory.

In this jigsaw puzzle, entitled Country Christmas, we see a father and daughter proudly bringing back a “7 footer” while the snowman and the mother smile in approval. That night’s festivities would include hanging ornaments and tinsel while drinking hot chocolate. The beautiful aroma of the evergreen tree will fill the house all season long as this family celebrates the season of peace, joy and love.

This Christmas season, as you and your loved ones assemble one or more of our great Christmas jigsaw puzzles, you can share with each other your fond memories of Christmases past and present. Merry Christmas!

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