What Do You Know About Hollywood’s Most Famous Mice?

Disney Dreams: Mickey and MinnieFor most of us, the Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse have always been a part of our culture. This means that some aspects of their stories may not be well-known especially those backstories that were introduced at the beginning of their introduction to the world.

According to Wikipedia, it all started in 1928 with the film short Steamboat Willie when Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created these fun-loving and mischievous rodents named Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Do you know what Minnie’s full name is? It is Minerva Mouse. While they have no children, they do have a few nieces (Melody and Millie Mouse), nephews ( Mortie and Ferdie Fieldmouse) and other family members (ex. Madeleine Mouse) and good friends (ex. Donald Duck, Pluto).

During the 50s, their popularity on the big screen faded somewhat but grew on the small screen and even in video games. In this century, they have returned to the big screen with movies such as Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas as well as maintained a strong presence on TV and in video games. For a couple that are nearing almost 90, they are doing quite well. As you and your loved ones assemble this Disney jigsaw puzzle by Thomas Kinkade, you can impress each other with all that you can learn about these two lovable rodents.


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