What do you know about “Old Glory”?

American GloryAs we go from Flag Day on June 14th and then into the Fourth of July holiday where Americans celebrate the Independence of the United States of America, you will find the phrase “Old Glory” used often. Have you ever stopped to wonder how that phrase came to be considered one of the nick-names for the flag of the USA?

According to Wikipedia and the Smithsonian’s website, the original “Old Glory” was made in 1824 for Captain Driver who sailed around the world twice with it flying on his ship. He noticed that people around the world welcomed him when they saw the flag flying. After he retired from ship life in 1937, he moved to Tennessee where during the Civil War, he had to sew it into a quilt in order to protect it from those that wanted to destroy it. When the Union army took over Nashville in 1862, he presented it to the General in charge of the Union army unit in Nashville so that it could be flown from the Capitol building. Captain Driver later gave it to one of his daughters. After his passing, she gave it to President Harding who later gave it to the Smithsonian Museum located in Washington, D.C.

Captain Driver referred to it as Old Glory because it had been with him during several times. As you and your loved ones assemble thisĀ patriotic jigsaw puzzle entitled “American Glory”, it would be a great time to discuss what symbols or items you have held on to dearly over the decades because of what they have meant to you during tough times.

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