What Is Your Favorite Summer Place?

Favorite Summer PlacesWhen I was growing up, my favorite summer place was the town pool. All my friends were there and I loved eating all the vending machine candy, too! I have lots of fun memories of getting together there each summer. My mother’s favorite place in the summer was similar to this picture. She and her siblings would go to┬átheir grandparents’ house in the summer and play in the neighborhood creek with all their friends.

What makes these memories so wonderful? It was a time where we could be carefree with our friends during the summer. These are qualities that come alive as I look at this summer jigsaw puzzle entitled “Summer Places”. Artist James Meger uses memories of his rural upbringing and love of nature to beautifully portray children and animals having fun playing in the summer. As you and your loved ones assemble this puzzle, it would be a great opportunity to share memories of your favorite summer places.

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