Which One of These Cute Playful Kittens Do You Like The Most?

Among the PeoniesKittens are such fun, playful creatures. They love to explore their world. I remember visiting someone’s house one time who had a kitten that was only a few months old. It jumped all over me, the living room furniture, me, my suitcase, me and then finally after I had had enough [especially when I was trying to sleep] it got the hint and went to play all over the kitchen and the garbage can. Ah… if only we could bottle and sell that energy and playfulness!

How do you imagine these kittens have spent their day playing in the great outdoors, in the garden especially amongst the peonies? As you and your loved ones assemble this cat jigsaw puzzle entitled Among the Peonies, it would be a great time to share memories of playful antics of some cats you know.

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