Who loves Puppies and Christmas?

Twas the Night Warm Winter CuddlesSanta Clause is usually said to live at the “North Pole”, yet as anyone who has looked at a globe knows, there is no actual land at the north pole for Santa and his reindeer to live on. Instead, this picture is probably located in the area of northern Scandinavia where an indigenous group of people called the Sami live. Another name for the Sami is Lapp which is why some people call this area Lapland although the Sami refer to their homeland as Sápmi. The Sami raise reindeer and have traditional dress similar to what we see here.

In the Artic Circle where Sápmi is located, you can find a variety of climates. Near the coast there will be mild winters but in the interior, the winters will be very cold [ex. in Jan the average low can be -18 F]. One thing that all parts of the Sápmi region in the Artic Circle have in common is what is called “Polar Night”. This means that there will be a slight bit of blue light during the day but the sun does not actually rise above the horizon.

By now, most of the readers of this blog are shivering at the thought of such cold and darkness. This is why Santa Clause [or Father Christmas or St. Nicklaus] is cuddling some warm puppies and kittens while eating seasonal goodies. Artist Liz Goodrich-Dillon has beautifully and tenderly portrayed these playful creatures in this jigsaw puzzle entitled ‘Twas the Night:Warm Winter Cuddles. In fact, she has done such an expert job that it makes one want to cuddle some puppies and kittens regardless if you are in the Artic Circle or not.

This holiday season as you and your loved ones spend quality time together, assembling a puzzle like this one from our Christmas jigsaw puzzles would be a great way to have a “warm” holiday season.


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