Wolves in Native American Jigsaw Puzzles!

Why is it that the wolf is typically used in Native American Art?  Most people think that the wolf is a very aggressive animal, but the fact is that they are very sociable and loving.  Even coming against other territorial packs, they generally communicate much more than ever fight.  A territorial fight is very rare because usually the wolves that are trespassing in another wolf pack territory will retreat when any number of wolves that own the land show up, even if the trespassing wolves outnumber the owning wolves.  Because of their great sense of smell, owning wolves will pick up the scent of a trespassing wolf hours from meeting with each other.  Howling is one way for wolves to communicate, and sometimes it is a way to invite relatives from another pack for a visit to their land.

Because wolves are so sociable and loving, Native Americans admired this and wanted to be associated with these characteristics of the wolf.  That is why the wolf is depicted in so many pictures of Native American Art.  You can enjoy this typical Native American Art in our many Native American jigsaw puzzles.  Today’s featured puzzle is a Native American jigsaw puzzle that includes hidden pictures of wolves.  So, after you finish the puzzle, or maybe while you are putting it together, look for the 18 hidden images of wolves.  The featured Native American jigsaw puzzle shown here is called “Wolf Rider”.Wolf Rider

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